What Sobriety Allows

Taking care of yourself is foreign to most alcoholics. I guess we’re good at making sure we have enough booze and how to make it appear that we aren’t really drinking THAT much (yeah, no one notices that empty half gallon in the recycle bin). These last six months have found me sleeping more, eating better and drinking plenty of water.

I’ve mentioned that I was married for 20 years and drank very little then. My drinking didn’t become a problem until 2.5 years ago. After I’d divorced, I began donating plasma for cash. It’s a little taxing on a healthy body but holy hell on a drinking one. I donate at 5:30am twice a week and my drinking didn’t really allow time for it. Getting up at 4:30 would’ve meant that I may have still been drunk and not really conducive to having the life sucked out of you.

These past six months have allowed me to donate twice a week for the past six months.


Today I’m thankful that I’m using my body to save lives instead of ruining my own.