Fuck You, Little Debbie!


Apparently I’m not that bright when it comes to junk food. I grabbed a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie on my way out the door this morning to eat on my way home from work. Not just your averaged sized snack, but the ginornous one that’s like 3,456 calories. I tossed it on the seat beside me as I drove to work. I kid you not when I say that bitch was talking to me. I was so taken by the thought of getting her sweet creamy goodness in my mouth that I nearly forgot I was driving.

I proceeded to tell myself how insane it was that I wanted to eat since not more that five minutes before, I was jamming my pie hole with breakfast. My mind was racing with ideas about how I was thinking about that treat like I used to think about vodka.

So, I decided to sit with my feelings until they passed like I would if I had a craving for alcohol. I guess it was more like squirming. I wrestled with why I felt I had to eat it and not long after, the feeling subsided. Why had I never done that before? Normally I don’t give more than a thought about shoveling something in my mouth. I was pretty proud of myself.

So you know what I did? I ate that whore half an hour later.

One addiction at a time…

P.S. Yesterday was 200 days.


6 thoughts on “Fuck You, Little Debbie!

  1. Ha, and if you had had a ready-to-drink bottle of something delicious and alcoholic next to you, you’d probably have done the same. The impulse to sit on the craving is great, but you still need to then remove the temptation as well!
    Congratulations on 200 days, that’s fantastic.


  2. I’d of eaten that damn thing too! Congrats on 200 days!! Fantastic.
    You know, I have battled the sugar thing on and off since I got sober, and have been crushed under the weight of the sweety sweetness of it all most of the time. Went 4 months I think at most before “relapsing”…ha ha. But you know, it’s something 99% of us go through. Ask all the sober bloggers out here if they struggle with the sweets and stand back, because you’ll get a deluge of stories. I am, after 3 years now, JUST starting to moderate it. I don’t get mad about it. I don’t sit thinking about sweets like I did vodka. I sometimes have a chocolate bar in my backpack for a week or two because I forgot about it. How cool is that?
    So what can I say – enjoy it for now. Most folks eventually even it out, but it will be there. I know guys with 10+ years who still crumble when it comes to ice cream, etc…so be aware of the harm sugar does, but also enjoy it 🙂
    You can’t get arrested for too many Little Debbie’s in your blood system!


  3. Yes, happy 200 days. And I have done the same thing, sit with the feeling and feel so proud of myself then bam…I am eating. It’s crazy but that cereal in the pantry calls me nightly along with froyo and the list goes on and on. I finally started to just eat until I was ready to burst and sat with that feeling, it was dreadful going to sleep when I could barely move bc I was so stuffed. It lasted for close to two weeks but finally subsided…I haven’t binged in 5 days which never happens, seems like way longer but I will take it. I was actually thinking about AoD addictions and how you relapse once and it wipes your sobriety away…thinking to myself that we can’t do that with food. Hang in there


  4. Congrats on the 200 days. I’ve been wondering about my increased consumption of sugar lately. Seems like it’s par for the course. Not entirely happy about it but will think it out of my system.


  5. Hell yeah, 200 days! I’m proud of you. 🙂 I battled my sweet tooth my entire life. I had no idea it could get worse, until those first six months of sobriety showed me that it could always be worse. If I could have eaten 10 gallons of ice cream a day without being horribly sick, I would have done it!


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