180 days

Well, I made it! Hard to believe six months have gone by since my last drink. Then in some sense it feels like a lifetime. 

Here’s the obligatory short list of why my life doesn’t suck:

*  Waking up without a hangover is         reason enough.

* I can drive anywhere at anytime because I’m not drunk. 

* My teen daughter respects me.

* My mind is clear to think about anything other than when my next drink is.

* Both of my jobs have provided future opportunities that would not exist had I been focused on drinking. 

* I actually think I’m starting to like myself. 

A special thank you to Belle for her persistence in getting me to become accountable for my sobriety. Without her help I’d be right back to square one.

I’m going to soldier on and continue my sober journey by not drinking today.


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