Sober App


This is nice sobriety application that I started using a month or so into it. I liked that you have to physically check off the date or the counter is reset to zero. Today, I realized that I hadn’t checked the app in almost a week. I guess that means I’m either busy or that this sobriety thing is beginning to become habit without having to have an application keep track.

Work was slow today so I ended up helping my mom do yard work at their rental property. I left in the early afternoon and was smacked right in the face with the urge to stop and get a drink. Whoa! Where the fuck did that come from? I was busy doing my thing never expecting that. So, I drove to the nearest home center and bought some long needed flooring and laid it all by myself.


I didn’t expect to feel so proud of myself. I love the way it turned out. It’s nice to have a clear mind that is able to perform tasks I never knew I was capable of.


6 thoughts on “Sober App

  1. The app I use is the CleanTime Counter. Nothing fancy, I just like seeing the constant counting of seconds/minutes/hours/days since I’ve been sober! It’s taken a long time for those sudden drinking urges to cease or at least be less frequent. Sometimes on a Friday night when my weekend is pretty much open, I’ll think of beer. It’s just automatic. Oh, lots of free time = BOOZE IT UP! It takes a while to get past that sort of alcoholic thinking. Thankfully, my brain seems to finally be moving past the automatic “time to drink” thoughts…


    • I used that app in the beginning but it was off for some reason and my anal retentiveness wouldn’t allow it.

      I have the same reasoning when it comes to time. “Oh look!! It’s Friday and I dint have to work tomorrow. I could drink all weekend”. When is it going to go away?


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