Shitty Day

I found myself on Day 111 thinking hard about about falling off into oblivion yesterday. I just wanted to go to that place where I don’t have to do anything other than get wasted and stay there for days. The proud feelings of my accomplishment were clouded by stress and the need to get out of my own brain.

My first instinct as I drove past the liquor store was to stop and give in. I kept driving and thought to myself, “Just sit with these feelings. They will pass.” Low and behold, they did. The night ended up much better than if I had given in. I treated myself to chocolate, black cherry sparkling water and my boyfriend.


2 thoughts on “Shitty Day

  1. Props to you for driving past that store. I’m learning to ‘sit with my feelings’ too but it is defintely a difficult lesson to learn without the self judgment. You are doing very well though.
    (By the way, I accidentally deleted your comment on my last post. Sorry about that, it was touch screen phone slip up. Thank you for the encouragement but I want to be like you when I grow up too. )


    • Sitting with feelings is sometimes the hardest part. I got so used to reaching for the numbing agent that always seemed to make them go away. At least I thought it helped.

      No worries on the comment deletion. Writing from the “smart phone” is an oxymoron sometimes.


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