Day 106

I had great intentions of spewing my first days sober here.  But, like most things, I got overwhelmed with where to start and the idea that no one really cares to read this crap.

Day 100 came and went without any pomp and circumstance.  It was just another work day.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 100 days and then again it seems like years.  I’m thankful that I still have the fear of horrible anxiety ridden hangovers lurking in my brain to keep me straight.  There were many day 1’s for me.  The only reason it stuck this time is because Belle of Tired of Thinking About Drinking saw me struggling as I asked to read her blog in order.  I read sober blogs for about 9 months before Belle sent me an email and asked me if I wanted to join the 100 Day Challenge.  I fought her for a few weeks as I struggled through those early days of sobriety totally alone.  I had no desire to commit to lunch, let alone 100 days without alcohol.  I finally said, “Fuck It!  What have I got to lose?”.  I didn’t really think I’d make it but with her daily encouragement, I did it.  I’ve recommitted to another 80 days for a total of 180 days.

It’s amazing to wake up every day and not feel like crawling out of my own skin.  It’s great to know that I can drive anywhere at any time because I’m not drunk off my ass.  I find something new and amazing every day to marvel over.  I’m able to focus on life around me instead of having my brain taken over by insane alcohol induced anxiety that made me a completly different person.


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